Your first steps with lil SOLID 2.0

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Using lil SOLID 2.0

Using lil SOLID 2.0 is just that simple. See for yourself.

First, slide the cover open and insert the tobacco side into the device. Press for 2 seconds and feel it come to life with a vibration. The device will pre-heat for up to 25 seconds. When the pre-heating process comes to an end, light comes on, it vibrates again and it’s ready to be used. 

Each experience lasts up to 5 mins or 14 uses, whichever comes first. The device vibrates and blinks to signal the last 3 uses or 30 seconds whichever comes first. Twist the stick more than 3 times in the same direction, remove it and close the cover.

That’s it. Your device is ready for another use if you want. Just repeat the previous steps. After 3 consecutive uses the device will cool down automatically. It will take 3 minutes 30 seconds before you can use another stick. To start a new session, simply repeat the above steps.

It’s just that simple.

Charging your lil SOLID 2.0

Charging your lil SOLID 2.0 is just that simple. See for yourself.

Keeping track of the battery is easy. While charging, the status LED blinks. When charged, the light goes off. If the light is blue, your battery level is between 100-60%. If it's ice blue, your battery level is between 60-30% - you still have some power. And if it's orange, your battery level is between 30-1%, you should charge. If the device light is red, then you are out of battery and you need to charge.

It's just that simple.

Cleaning your lil SOLID 2.0

Cleaning your lil SOLID 2.0 is just that simple.

Always turn off your device before you do it.

  1. Open the Cleaning Wiper from the Dual Cleaner.
  2. Pull off the cap from the device.
  3. Use the Cleaning Wiper to clean the heating pin.
  4. Open the cleaning brush from the Dual Heater.
  5. Use the Cleaning Brush to clean the inside.

For an optimal experience, clean after every 20 uses. You can also clean with heat. Quickly press the start button 5 times. The LED light will blink orange for 90 seconds. When the cleaning is done, the light goes off and you will feel it vibrate twice.

It's just that simple.

lil SOLID 2.0 User Guide.

That’s not all. There’s more useful information on our lil SOLID 2.0 User Guide. Our lil SOLID 2.0 User Guide will let you delve deeper into how your device works and how to use it.

Download User Guide

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